BS35 Local

Editorial Design

BS35 Local is a community magazine that is filled with stories, events and news articles submitted by the local community. We are able to produce the magazine with the help of our advertisers who place monthly adverts throughout the publication.

Originally conceived in 2010 due a need to advertise our own services. In January 2011 we produced our first issue which consisted of 16, full colour, glossy pages delivered to 5000 homes and businesses in and around Thornbury. The format was a fresh concept for the town as the only other monthly publication was a black and white newsletter produced by the local parish with an advertising waiting list of nine months. 

Whilst allowing us to showcase our own abilities, our magazine project started to grab the attention of local businesses and our customer base quickly grew. As the design has evolved over the years, so has the editorial content. We are currently on issue 106 and have produced an issue every month since we began.